The municipality don't have any strategy for profiling Finnøy.



 Make a strategy for profiling and marketing Finnøy based on key- values.



Poltics and timing for a strategy.



SWOT -analyse for preparation/ work-shops/ the process of regional branding.



Until year 2009 people moved from Finnøy to Stavanger (city) for education, living and working. Few people moved to Finnøy. In 2010,  two of Finnøys 16 islands got a tunell to the fastland. Before the tunell came, people had to take the ferry or the fastboat to the fastland to reach Stavanger and other city in the region. By car and tunell the time is reduced nearly an hour for reaching Stavanger. From 2010 to 2014 the inhabitans has decreased with 10%, mainly on the two islands who has got a tunell. The fourteen other islands is not connected to the fastland and have challenges to keep inhabitants and  local business staying on the islands. 


Most important barriers seemed to be the municipalities lack of power and strategy to plan the future for the islands and put the barriers on the politics agenda.


During the Vital Rural Area project-period Finnøy took a politican desssss to change the municipality- plan for a longer periode (2014-2022). Finnøy did need a new vision ( including av startegy for profiling) for the inhabitants, for the local business (SME) and for tourists visiting Finnøy. 


The Vital Rural Area- project had a consept and a manual called " the process of regional branding" who has been a constructive tool for the strategy work. The tool starts with step one, a SWOT-analyse for doing the "celler-work" for further work finding key- values for branding and profiling the municipality. We arranged different islands- meeting and started with the SWOT-analyse for different themes: infrastructure, youths, local companies, culture/ nature, profiling, housebuilding etc.

We went through all the seven steps and arranged different meetings and seminars  for including inhabitants, local business and politicans.