Strategy building for regional development: the Dwaande campaign


  • Lack of pride
  • Lack of sharing knowledge
  • Mentality
  • Lack of power


  • Network development, knowledge sharing


  • Politics, money


  • Web portal, card club network, social media strategy, regional newsletter

Problems and challenges

Dwaande 11

The beautiful scenery and landscape of Northeast Fryslân is an undiscovered part of Fryslân. It is a small-scaled region in every sense. Small areas with different kinds of nature (woodland, fields, open landscape and shore), small farms, small and medium enterprises, little towns and villages. People pass this region on there way to the Wadden Islands, a famous unique world heritage. (The region has no large attraction like a amusement park, which other region do have.) There are a lot of activities in the region, but because these are not commonly organised there is hardly any exposure. People are not showing any pride, not sharing knowledge, not working together, and minding their own business. This mentality is what the region has in common. But also the other part of this mentality which is: high work spirit, specialized (trade)companies, taking care of the beautiful nature, organizing lots of events (especially sports, culture and music). Exactly that is what the strength of the region is, and should be carried out.


Investing in networks on several layers in the region, on a regional and local governance level, netwDwaande 13orks between local government, sme's and schools, networks of touristic companies, museums. Working together and sharing knowledge is creating energy to innovate. Find key persons in the region that are committed to the project, they are the connection to the sme’s, the inhabitants, schools etc.


All municipalities have to work together in policymaking, have to combine goals and bring budgets together to gain more output. Networks of sme‘s need local government support and stimulant. A bottom-up approach is needed for commitment of the region, to stimulate new ideas.


One web portal for the region.Dwaande 15

A card club network with free promotional cards of every member, member

Dwaande 14

s make arrangements and meet regularly. The Gastengilde: a network of B & B members who visit each others location, organising activities together and ’sharing’ guests when the have no accommodation available. An ambassadors network of stakeholders to support (financially) and promote the Dwaande campaign on business level. Social media: # Dwaande is a strong communications tool for the campaign. A regional newsletter and event letter. Promotion material is available for every organisation in the region.