• lack of education


  • Empowering of regional SMEs by providing them with training on new technologies 


  • Atttitude and ambition level 


  • Training program via the website
  • Questionnaire SMEs of the installation branche 

Problems and challenges

Outcome of research in the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the installation sector shows us that the enterprises have too little knowledge of the latest innovations. Especially for those SMEs who have one to fifteen employees. This could be a threat to their long term survival, because innovation is essential and crucial. When we in general give the SMEs tools to improve their knowledge of innovations, they will have a better chance to survive in rural areas and secure employment in these areas. Additionally, this means a more attractive employer for younger people.

Solutionssolar water heating 2

The main objective of this project is to empower existing SMEs and establish new SMEs in rural areas, by providing training in (new) technologies on renewable energy. To improve the knowledge FP developed an e-learning module for Solar Water Heating. This learning module is available on the website The module is appropriate for the designer as well as for the installer and is 24 hours a day accessible. The module contains the concepts of solar water heating, the principles of operation and preconditions and is available in three languages: English, German and Dutch.


Solar water heating 1

At first there has been some reluctance by the SMEs towards the new technologie. In march 2011 FP organised a meeting for the SMEs in the Northern part of Fryslân so that they could see the products (boiler and collector) with their own eyes and they could also work with the e-learning module Solar Water Heating to get more background information of the principles of solar water heaters. Afterwards there was a more cooperative attitude of the SMEs towards the solar water heating. The development of this module could be groundbreaking for a stream of innovative knowledge to the SMEs and could lead to a faster international knowledge exchange.


All project documents are available to other stakeholders:

  • Projectplan
  • Communication plan
  • Questionnaire SMEs of the Installation branche
  • Website contains interactive theory and practice