Innovative approaches to education

There is an urgent need for innovative approaches to several types of education and learning methods in rural areas:
a)    new solutions in low-density population rural areas: location-independent education via digital learning and e-learning represent opportunities for rural areas;
b)    tuning education with labour market: from primary education to vocational training;
c)    training of professionals in small regional SMEs. SMEs are important for the local labour market and the employment, and they need new competences.
An integral approach is needed to tackle the problems faced: e-learning should go hand in hand with appropriate educational materials, infrastructure, professional training and a clear vision. Moreover, primary and secondary education and vocational trainings should be mutually developed and tuned from the beginning.
For the benefit of rural areas, it should be more attractive for young people to work for innovative and knowledge based SMEs. The Vital project “Kenniswerkplaats” shows how SMEs and educational institution can share knowledge resources using the Cooperative Agreement Approach.;

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