My Business.... a web portal for business advice (DK)

Project partners :
Entrepreneurs and SMEs in Vejen Municipality

Contact data :
Else Mejer
tel. + 45 30 112 177
e-mail; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Key words: Supporting entrepreneurship, competitive advantage, use of digital services, economic sustainability, sharing knowledge

Main problems to be solved (analysis):
Studies show that entrepreneurs have a higher survival rate when using advice. In the Municipality of Vejen there is a well-developed tradition for giving advice to entrepreneurs and SMEs. Experience – supported by research – tells us that the most effective advice to entrepreneurs is the informal, open and on-going dialogue.

In the Developing Park InnovationsHus South, it is possible for companies to get continuous feedback from relevant consultants and help with business development. In rural areas there are only a few Development Parks and not sufficient critical mass and thus not the same opportunity to develop and support the growth of new companies.

Policy frameworks to be dealt with/fitting in: Unknown
Aim of the project:
-    To overcome the often large distances between Development Parks in Rural Areas (if they exist) and to ensure qualified advice, the goal is to build a digital platform where SMEs can get continuous feedback and help with business development.
-    To develop an IT-tool designed for targeted dialogue based monitoring of growth in rural based SMEs.
 (Expected) Results:
-    the participating SMEs grow their business
-    the participating SMEs, mentors and consultants are trained to use the system

(Expected) outcome within the WP:
-    monitoring the activities, results and impact of SME approach
-    further development of an internet platform which – among other things – can be used by other project partners
-    development of tested IT-tools for monitoring growth in rural based SMEs

Planning: 2008 - 2012

Costs: EU, Vejen Municipality and private investment

Financing: about 160.000 euro

Implementation of the project (cf. CAA):
    which stakeholders were involved?
-    Local advisors
-    Local business services
-    Sydenergi


1 What has been achieved so far in the pilot project?/ 2 What are the expected boundary conditions for the project to be implemented?
-    There are several challenges when using a digital platform - there is no doubt that potential can be exploited in future, but at present it is not possible to get the local consultants and companies to use the platform to the expected extent.
-    Meeting face to face is still crucial to building trust between companies and advisers
-    The required IT infrastructure is not sufficient in all areas
-    There is still some development ongoing beyond the current project

3 Which related projects can be studied or consulted (other innovative best practice examples) before starting to think on implementation?  
-    Professional Communities 2.0 -

4 What is the applicability / transferability of the project?
-    The IT Platform must be more individualised for specific assumptions and frameworks.

5 Which tools does the project bring in to alleviate / help starting up implementation elsewhere?
Step by step

-    Identification of IT requirements for a digital platform; fast internet, server etc.
-    Discussions on input from relevant knowledge people and users
-    Outline of content on the platform
-    Building the digital platform
-    Connection of advisers, such as accountants, lawyers, marketing professionals
-    Linking users to the platform
-    Development of individual firms

Date of production of this project format, - latest version 19.4.2013