The 64 West Flemish cities and municipalities count 1,172,478 inhabitants. Flanders coastal province is a nerve center, located close to the European institutions and decision-making authority. The province of West Flanders is surrounded by the strong economic areas of Randstad Holland in the north, the French metropolis of Lille-Roubaix-Tourcoing in the south and London in the west. West Flanders borders the provinces of East Flanders and Hainaut as the only Belgian province on the North Sea.

West Flanders is one of the most rural provinces of Flanders in Belgium. The pattern of the town is not dominated by one large urban center, but is evenly distributed across four regional cities: Bruges, Ostend, Roeselare and Kortrijk. In between there are a number of smaller towns.

In particular, West Flanders distinguishes itself from the other Belgian provinces through its coastline and the related nature (beaches and dunes), tourism and port activities. Tourism represents a major economic activity in the province.

One province, three challenges

What do we, the people of West Flanders, do best? Which winning assets can we deepen and capitalise on further in future? How can we make more progress in the decades to come? To make West Flanders even better, stronger, and more attractive, the provincial government is focusing on three spearheads.

Top region for recreation

The people of West Flanders are Burgundians in nature. Enjoyment and hospitality go hand in hand here. The recreational offer and accommodation possibilities on the Coast, Greater Bruges, Westhoek and the Leie Region are unique in Western Europe. A colourful pallet of art cities, museums, war memorials, provincial estates, cycling and walking routes, picturesque landscapes and charming villages, attractions and top events to beguile the visitor.

Enterprising region

Sustainable family entrepreneurship has made our province prosperous. A favourable business climate, education, inducements for tourism and growth opportunities for agriculture, horticulture and fisheries secure our well-being. Our central location in Europe and fine infrastructure and facilities are extra wining assets to make West Flanders a pivot of international trade.

A quality region

Quality speaks to us. The environment as a whole deserves our respect, with a sustainable use of the scarce and therefore valuable space: liveable residential clusters, safe roads, well equipped industrial estates, sufficient agricultural land, valuable nature, open space and a healthy environment. But people too, from toddlers to the elderly, are accorded every care from social services and the rich social life.


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